Akhirah Project Syrian – Palestinian – Lebanese Food Appeal 2024

Akhirah Project Syrian – Palestinian – Lebanese Food Appeal 2023




Why are The Akhirah Project team once again planning to head out to Lebanon?

Lebanon is once again reeling from a catastrophe and our field office has already deployed first responders to assist the authorities.

Political inaction and the devaluation of the Lira, Lebanon’s official currency, have contributed to a growing wave of anger, frustration and desperation. The crisis, combined with the coronavirus lockdown, has put the majority of the Lebanese population which also includes Syrians and Palestinians under the poverty line.

Help us to take a bite out of hunger by providing life-saving food parcels and bread to Syrians, Palestinians, and the struggling Lebanese families living in poverty across Lebanon so they can also have a fulfilling and nutritious meal just as we do.

For just £30, we can provide a family with a nutritious food parcel which will be hand delivered by our team to those most in need.

Please state when giving zakat in the comment box.

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